Solution to UPSC 2010 exam paper held on 17 Jan.

by admin on January 17, 2010

Below is the solution for U.P.S.C question paper whose examination was conducted on 17th January 2010 for the post of CMS.

This is the solution to SET  “C” Paper-1 (General Ability, General Medicine, Paediatrics).

1. b — intravenous immunoglobulin therapy is not indicated in severe rheumatoid arthiritis.

2. b– c3b compliments links the innate and adaptive immune systems for activation of the classical complements pathway.

3. a– anti-cyclic citrullinated peptide (anti CCP) indicates rheumatoid arthiritis.

4. c

5. d– Phenoxy-benzamine followed by propranolol is given as pre-operative management of a patient with pheochromocytoma.

6. b– digitalis glycosides enhances myocardial contractility by inhibition of membrane Na-K ATPase.

7. d

8- a Torsades de pointes is treated by Magnesium sulphate.

9- c


11-d, 12-c, 13-c, 14-c, 15-c, 16-d, 17-d first sign of puberty in girls is increase in breast size.

18-d Guthrie test is used in diagnosis of Phenylketonuria.

19- c, 20-b, 21- d Acrodermatitis enteropathica is associated with deficiency of zinc.

22-d, 23-c Red current jelly stool in an infant is characteristic of Intussusception.

24-c Chloroma is a feature of acute myeloid leukaemia (M3-M4).

25-d Wilm’s tumor is associated with aniridia, horse shoe kidney and hemihypertrophy.

26-a universal antidote for ingested poisons is now obsolete.

27- c Lutembacher’s syndrome comprises of Atrial septal defect with mitral stenosis.

28-a, 29-a acute epiglottitis in children is caused by Haemophilus influenza type b.

30- d – Kawasaki disease is characterised by fever, non purulent conjuctivitis, rashes, cervical lymphadenopathy, hepatomegaly and desquamation of fingers and toes with coronary artery aneurysms.

Rubella is also known as German Measles.

31-c, 32-b, 33-b Hampi is a UNESCO world heritage site.

34-c, 35-a, 36- we have doubts in this answer, if you know correctly please write we will update.

37-b, 38-b, Kargasok tea is prepared with the help of fungus.

39-c, 40- doubts, 41- Dolphins also live in fresh water of Ganga river.

42- c, 43- b Sodium thiosulphate is used as preservative of fruit juice.

44- c, 45 -b China, Wolbachia pipientis is a bacteria used to infect Aedes Aegypti to reduce life span of mosquito.

46- a, 47-c, 48- KG-D6 is  the name of hydrocarbon block its related to reliance industries.

49- b, 50- b, 51- c, 52- c (doubts- if you know correct tell us we will update)

53- d, 54- b, 55-c, 56- d, 57- a, 58- c, 59- c, 60- b, 61- d, 62- c, 63- b, 64-b, 65-d, 66-b, 67- doubts let us know the answer, Shy Drager syndrome was named after Dr Milton Shy and Dr Glenn Drager, who identified it in 1960, but the American Autonomic Society and the American Academy of Neurology redefined it as multiple system atrophy.

68- a, 69- b, 70-c by ingesting beef one can get E. Coli type 0157 infection.

71- b, 72-b, 73-d, 74-d, 75-b, 76-b, 77-doubts let us know the answer, 78-c

79-d praziquantel is usedin treatment of all forms of schistomiasis. 80- a

81- c, 82- d, 83- d, 85- d, 85-b, 86- c, 87- b, 88- c, 89-c, 90- d, 91- d, 92- please let us know if you by leaving comments.

93- b, 94-a, 95-a, 96-a Folliculitis Decalvans is a form of hair loss involving the gradual destruction and scarring of hair follicles which causes hair loss which spreads outwards from a central point.

97-a, 98-a, 99- d, 100- c, 101- doubts, 102- c, 103- a, 104-d, 105- c, 106- d, 107- c, 108- a, 109- d, 110- c, 111- c, 112- d, 113- b, 114- d, 115- d, 116- doubts, 117- doubts, 118- c, 119- c, 120 – c.

All the best for your results, we will update answers of paper 2 as soon as they are solved, keep watching the site.

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