Surgery For Blinds- Regain Vision

by admin on March 5, 2009

Surgery For Blinds- Regain Vision

Bionic eye or Argus II,  gift of medical sciences to Man, with this eye person can see in shades of black, white & grey. The bionic eye is basically a camera fitted inside eye, which captures images, transmits its signal wirelessly to device implanted behind retina which sends it to brain to create a crude black & white image.

Camera is made up of 16 electrodes giving such kind of images, now working on 1000 electrodes to give black & white images, which may be coloured later on. Image below tells  how person will see after getting bionic eye transplanted.

bionic eye

bionic eye

The operation took four hours and was carried out by Mr Lyndon da Cruz as part of an international trial of 18 patients worldwide.

Mark Humayun, Professor of Ophthalmology and Biomedical Engineering at the Doheny Eye Institute in Los Angeles, California, which developed the technology, said: “The camera is very, very small, and very low power, so it can go inside your eye and couple your eye movement to where the camera is. With the kind of missing information the brain can fill in, this field is really blossoming. In the next four to five years I hope, and we all hope, that we see technology that’s much more advanced.”

Linda Moorfoot is one of a few American patients to be fitted with the current version of the implant. She had been totally blind for more than a decade with the inherited condition retinitis pigmentosa. With the aid of the camera mounted on a pair of sunglasses, she can now see a rough image of the world made up of light and dark blocks. She told Sky News: “When I go to the grandkids’ hockey game or soccer game I can see which direction the game is moving in. I can shoot baskets with my grandson, and I can see my granddaughter dancing across the stage. It’s wonderful.”  said by David Rose at Timesonline

This is a very special treatment for all those persons who has not left any hope of recovering light in their eyes.

Below is the photograph of Bionic eye camera

bionic eye camera

bionic eye camera

Ron, 73, had the experimental surgery seven months ago at London’s Moorfield’s eye hospital.

The bionic eye has been developed by US company Second Sight. So far 18 patients across the world, including three at Moorfields, have been fitted with the device.

To understand the basic concept of bionic eye watch the video below

Following are the photographs of two persons who got bionic eye implanted


Image source timesonline & skynews

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