Tattooing Hygiene And Quick Healing of Tattoos

by admin on November 3, 2010

Before getting tattooed you must visit a doctor so as to rule out diabetes, allergy, immunity deficiency conditions or if you are taking steroids, or anticoagulants drugs. Allergy is tested by prick test and should be done 1o days before tattooing.

New tattoo design at arm By tattooing you can get skin infections like herpes virus infection, fungal infections, mollascum contagiosum, tetanus, hepatitis B & C, HIV etc if your artist is not using properly sterilized equipments or using contaminated ink, ink contains pigments of nickel or chromium which can cause metal poisoning. If you are pregnant or nursing mother than tattooing is contraindicated.
Proper hygiene includes proper handwashing, use of disposable gloves.
Artist must open sterilized needles packets in front of you and must use fresh ink for each session.
All equipments must be autoclaved and those things like furnitures, counters  etc must be disinfected.

Signs of Normal Healing of Tattoo

Your tattoo must look shin, bright coloured with swelling. As soon as injury occurs, blood +fibrin forms a clot at zero hours, which is infiltrated by neutrophils with in 24 hours.

After that basal cells of epithelium starts dividing so as to form a thin layer of epithelium below scab which happens with in 48 hours, now in 72 hours neutrophils are replaced by macrophages adnd granulation tissue forms.

On day 4 new vessels forms and on 5th day peeling of scab starts. The scab of tattoo must be of colour of tattoo, below scab when it peels off you may see some milky coloured area , do not worry its normal, if you see that something is seeping out, or if inflammation is heavy, scab is very thick, some rash or pimples are present then you need to worry and must visit a doctor.

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