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by admin on September 29, 2013

Well friends recently we got a golden opportunity to attend the Tv anchoring workshop at aaj tak above are the photographs of the session which you can download it. Agenda was divided into 8 points including studio tour, TV presenting basics, making showreel etc. During studio tour we visited every section of studio  and told how news room works? How ticker interface works? What are editing softwares used by these big companies? The editing softwares used  are FCP’s and velocity.

We were given 1 hour practice to speak in front of camera using telepromter. Even the recordings has been done, those recording i.e show reel will be given to all students by mail. Below is the video of all those people who attended the workshop and their experiences.

If you want to become a TV Anchor let me tell you some of the very important points

1. Feel the story while reading news, talk to the lens of camera, take care of your body movements.

2. News channel is divided into Input & Output. Input sends you news, visuals etc which is given by reporters- now all this information is sent to editing department where it is edited and later on you see output on tv screen.

3. Elements of news story are bytes, Graphics, animations, text & visuals while elements on tv screen are logo, location bugs, breaking news, ticker , anchor etc.

4. Lights used are tungsten halogen lamps to produce a maximum light from 500 to 2000 watts.

5. Voice matters, so you need to improve the voice by reading newspaper loudly for 10-20 minutes fast. Do not fumble, gargles with water so that no throat issues and you can produce effective voice.

Dress Codes of anchors

1. Fit dress (No loose clothes or very tight clothes and clothes should be ironed, check, printed and stripes shirt should not be used)

2. Proper hair cut and no reflective lens.

Males should have collar tight, clean shave, coat on arms, no white clothes, tie should be above belt, leave last button open.

Female should take care that their top should not be deep cut. No use of sindur, bindi, ring, chudiyan. Do not wear big sized ear rings.

Short and clean nails, no overmake up , If you anchoring while standing wear Chudidar instead of salvar, closed type shoes, carry make up kits, no red tie.

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