Understanding Nail Diseases and Disorders

by admin on April 28, 2010

Here we have tried to explain some common diseases of nails and nail bed, along with some signs and symptoms seen on nails.

A. Spoon Shaped Nails

Spoon shaped nails are seen in

1. Iron Deficiency Anaemia

2. Nail Patella Syndrome

3. Emanuel Syndrome

4. SLE

5. Pollit’s Syndrome

6. Plummer Vinson’s Syndrome 7. Haemochromatosis. See the same patient’s hand from dorsum view below

2. Leukonychia or White Spot on Nails: This condition takes place due to deficiency of Zinc in the body, so zinc supplimentation is the treatment.

C. Pterygium of Nails: Is the inward advance of skin over the nail plate, usually the result of trauma to the matrix due to a surgical procedure or by a deep cut to the nail plate. Pterygium results in the loss of the nail plate due to the development of scar tissue.

D. Onychauxis: is the thickening of nail bed and nail may be due to trauma or may be due to some diseases of body if present in all fingers.

E. Damaged Eponychium: Eponychium of nails can be damaged due to fungal infection, below you see two fingers one is having nail see its eponychium got inclined, in second finger whole of nail is absorbed or shed out due to tinea infection of nails.

F. Melanonychia: are vertical pigmented bands, often described as nail ‘moles’, which usually form in the nail matrix.

G. Tinea Unguis or ring worm of nails: you can see that nail bed is damaged, first nail splits then is shed see the collection of photographs of nail infection by fungus.





Some of the good websites must visit for showing diseases of nails with good collection of photographs are

1. skinatlas.com

2. hooked-on-nails.com

see the lichen planus of nails in the video below

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Reid Gerba December 15, 2011 at 9:10 am

Before prescribing ciclopirox nail fungus polish, your doctor need to take a sample of your affected nail for laboratory testing. At this time, only microscopic examination and fungal culture can confirm that the problem together with your nail is really fungal growth. Other nail abnormalities can look a lot like fungal growth empirically, but are caused by something that will not be cured with antifungal agents.


vishal January 7, 2012 at 12:04 am

my nails are red in colour. Why is it so nd how to treat them?


admin January 7, 2012 at 12:48 am

can you send the close photograph of your nails…send it to drvikram008@rediffmail.com

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