Video Guide on How to Perform Vasectomy Surgery?

by admin on January 21, 2010

Vasectomy is the minor surgery performed in men who do not want further children, it is a permanent contraception, done under local anaesthesia and person can go home with in half an hour.

Part preperation is done care to be taken not to wash scrotum with povidine iodine because it may cause scrotal dermatitis.

1.First of all palpate the vasdeferens at the root of scrotum, it is felt as a cord like structure.

2. Give lignocaine (local anaesthesia) in the cord and wait for 2 minutes so that its effect comes.

3. Palpate the cord hold it by ring forcep.

4. With help of curved forcep tear the tissue as shown in video below and extract the vas deferens or you can make 1-2 cm long incision and extract the vasdeferens.

5. Vas deferens is white cord like structure, extract around 5-6 cm from the incision.

6. Hold Vas deferens either with ring forcep or allis forcep at two point.

7. Excise the vas deferens at two points “A” and “B” between the two points, part is removed, sent for histopathology to confirm it was vas deferens.

8. Cut ends of vas are doubly tied with 2-0 silk sutures.

9. Skin is stitched and dressing is done.

View the vasectomy surgery in video form below on you tube video by Dr Vikram Singh Yadav and Dr Sandesh Kumar Gupta at Dr Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, New Delhi.

Watch out Animation video of Vasectomy at you tube

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