Virtual Urology

by admin on September 20, 2011

Hey friends, if you are JR in urology department or a newly joined SR in urology, you do not have idea about the surgical procedures, or your consultant is very busy in operating the cases not guiding you a single line, you can enjoy virtual urology at Virtamed. It is a very informative website where you can view all urological procedures with high fidelity surgical stimulation. Virtual reality training allows surgeons to practice skills without risk for the patients. For best learning success, the stimulator provides practical teaching tutorials for each training module.

You can learn TURP basics, TURP full procedure, emergency scenarios of TURP, all procedures of hysteroscopy like diagnostic hysteroscopy, polypectomy, myomectomy, endometrial ablation, dealing with emergency like fluid overload, perforation, bleeding etc.

Watch out complete TURP stimulation below on youtube to have an idea how this software works

VirtaMed’s virtual reality simulators provide instructional teaching and training of different diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic interventions. The first simulator has been developed at the ETH Zurich and other Swiss universities as part of a large research effort involving 16 PhD students for a combined 24 years of research. If you want to buy these instruments you can mail at

That was all about urology simulator, if you want to perform some animated live surgery over patients surgerysquad is one of the best site, I just performed a cesarean section. Surgery Squad provides virtual surgery and patient education.

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