Weak Urine Flow In Men

by admin on July 18, 2011

Do you have these symptoms

1. Dribbling of urine

2. Weak or broken stream of urine

3. Increased frequency of urination specially at night

4. More frequent urge to urinate

5. When you apply pressure to urinate, you are unable to urinate.

If you are having all these symptoms and you are old  age person that means you are having BPH i.e benign prostratic hyperplasis.

BPH is a condition where prostrate gland enlarges, normally prostrate gland is of almond in size, but it keeps on increasing in its size, in adulthood it becomes double in size to that of child. Since it keeps on increasing its size ultimately causing urinary problems, it keeps on growing after age of 25 years.  Since urethera passes from prostrate gland, when it enlarges a lot, it presses urethra, narrowing its lumen, at the same time bladder walls becomes thicker, and irritated and begins to contract causing frequent urge to urinate. Ultimately bladder weakens and does not empty fully leaving a residual volume in bladder. This residual volume of urine causes BPH symptoms.

If you are having all these symptoms do not make diagnosis yourself it can be cancer of prostrate so you need to visit a urologist near you, if you are in New Delhi you can come to us. Watch out the animation of BPH by indiaherbs below on youtube


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