What is DTPA Renal Scan?

by admin on August 28, 2011

DTPA is diethylene triamine pentaacitic acid is used in scanning kidneys in many diseases like ARF, CRF, different renal functions, measurement of glomerular filtration rate, hydronephrosis, obstruction, renal hypertension etc.

Preperation of the patient: patient is given 1 litre of water to drink one hour before the procedure, patient is called, injection of DTPA is given by I.V mode before that patient is made to lie in supine position on the table where the film is being taken from above of patient. Now as soon as die is injected film is taken, i.e from zero minutes to upto 30 minutes, sometimes time increases to 45 minutes, sometimes in between injection lasix is being given. Post void film is taken, another film after 4 hours is taken and we get a lot of informations like, split functions, kidney counts, kidney depth, uptake percentage, GFR.

Now watch out the video of how to read a DTPA scan below on youtube

DTPA Scan in Delhi: well you can get DTPA scan done in Delhi from DCA research imaging centre, Fortis hospital etc.


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