What is Match Box Sign?

by admin on May 3, 2010

Match Box Sign is a dilusion of parasitosis, in which patient has firm belief, that he or she has pruritis due to insect infestations.

These patients collect clothing lints, pieces of plant debris, some times non biting arthropods, vegetable material,  skin pieces or debris material in plastic wrappings or glued on adhesive tape, or in match boxes. Patient used to say that they contain insects or parasites, however no insects are seen. This typical presentation is known as MATCH BOX SIGN. It is also known as SARAN-WRAP SIGN.

This firm belief is very common and is difficult to treat, patient also says something is moving inside his skin, they frequently visit doctors, and when explained about their symptoms, they resist, and exacerbate their discomfort by selftreatment .

This disease is a kind of dilusional infestation.

Drug of choice is Pimozide.

For more information on dilusion of parasitosis visit emedicine.medscape.com

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