What To Do Just After Needle Prick?

by admin on January 8, 2010

You do not know what to do the very instant you get “syringe needle prick” or “needle stick injury”, watch out the video by us on this topic since this information is very important for all Health Care Personnel, including emergency care providers, laboratory personnel, autopsy personnel, hospital employees, interns and medical students, nursing staff and students, physicians, surgeons, dentists, labour and delivery room personnel, laboratory technicians, health facility sanitary staff and clinical waste handlers and health care professionals at all levels.

Read about what are needle stick injuries? How common are needle stick injuries? at Canadian centre for occupational health and safety.

Because they are mostly in touch with infected blood (HIV, Hepatitis B, C etc), so this video will definately help you. Also read Post Exposure Prophylaxis at Nacoonline.org

Watch out the video by worksafebc how needle prick can happen even when you are working with full precautions. Thanks for worksafebc accepting our video as video response.

What is the policy in case of needle stick injuries read at uri.edu

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