Why you should marry a tall Guy or Girl?

by admin on August 4, 2009

We have seen that many girls are falling in love with short statured guys and vice versa too, and getting married.

Have you ever thought how does it effect your future life? Life of your children?

You will say no, never- but its true that height of your children depends upon the height of mother and father, you can easily calculate height of your offsprings by using following formulae:

Height of your son= (mother’s height in cm) + 13cm + (father’s height in cm) whole divided by 2

So it comes to be mean parental height +6.5 cm

Height of your daughter= Mean parental height – 6.5 cm

For 90% this formula is correct however 10% cases have shown variantions of plus minus 8 cm.

One more formula (weeches formula) to calculate height of sons and daughters see below

Boys height= 0.545 (height of child at 3years) +0.544 (mean height of parents) +14.84

Girls height = subtract 4.75 inches from above formula

These two formula will calculate height in inches, also put values in inches only to calculate.

Tanner’s formula : it helps to calculate height of child at very young age.

Adult height= height at 2years X 2

Some other interesting facts:

In adult arm span is more than height by 2 cm

Your forearm length = length of your sole (from fingers to heels)

Same way the height is effected by choosing your lover, it also effects the IQ of your baby, that we will discuss in new post how to improve IQ of your child.

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voldermont October 5, 2009 at 9:08 am


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