X-Rays In Pregnancy

by admin on September 18, 2011

If you are a pregnant mother, its your duty to tell your doctor or x-ray technician that you are pregnant, so that proper decision can be taken regarding the x-rays

X-rays in pregnancy  should always be done when their benefits outnumber their side effects.

If you take an x ray in week three or four, the risks are zero at < 10 Rads. At > 10 Rads can cause miscarriage. From 5-10 weeks at 5-10 Rads “effects are uncertain and probably too small to be detected clinically. Over 10 Rads and the chances of malformations increase with the dose.

After week 28, the risks are equal to the baby as to the mother.Exposure to radiation >10 may cause low IQ in baby.

So always asks few questions in your mind before prescribing x ray investigation to the pregnant mothers, is there any other way to diagnose this particular disease, is it very necessary to take x ray of pregnant lady.

In past X-rays were used to detect obstructed labour.

Below in the video you see a X-ray of a pregnant women with a child in her womb, you can see the x-ray of baby in womb, this kinds of x-rays should not be done.

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